Adult Learners

Are you an Adult Learner?

  • Do you work and need to fit learning around your job?
  • Have you taken a long break from school and want to learn something new or change careers?
  • Do you take care of your family and need to plan study time around them?
  • Are you looking for classes you can take online or in the evening to match your busy life?
  • Are you learning to get better at your job or to gain a particular skill, not just for a diploma?

Was your answer yes? Now is your time. Explore the options Riverland offers to help you begin or continue your college journey.


Wondering how to balance coursework with family and other responsibilities? Riverland provides the flexibility you need to pursue your career and college goals without compromising your current commitments.

Earned Credits

Starting from scratch might not be necessary! We'll check your past college courses to see which credits can transfer, and you might even get credit for your work and life experience.

Short-Term Programs

Worried about the time it will take to reach your career goal? Riverland has short-term programs (under two years) that lead directly to in-demand, well-paying jobs.

Paying for College

Worried about college costs? We've got you covered with financial aid and scholarships to help you out.

Support for You

We've got free help and your own advisor to make sure you do great.

Bachelor's Degree

Looking to get a Bachelor's Degree? Start at Riverland to save money and easily transfer your AA Degree to any TV State University.

Are you a Veteran?

Unlock your potential with Riverland courses that value and build on your military experience.

Ready to apply?

Now is your time; explore Riverland by visiting or applying, and discover how we can support the start or continuation of your college journey.